P90X3 News Update 9-19-13

P90X3 News:

September 19, 2013 update!


Alright P90X fans, here is the latest news on the upcoming release of P90X3!

Beachbody has announced that orders will begin on December 10th, just in time for Christmas deliveries!

That’s not all! We’ve also learned that P90X3 has very much improved on it’s predecessors, using the most advanced training techniques to get you better results, faster. For anyone that has tried Focus T25 you know just how effective short workouts can be. So how long are the P90X3 workouts. Well they are no longer the 1 hour and 17 minutes we were doing before. Not even close! They new workouts are a whopping 30 Minutes! 30!!! We also learned that out of 40 test group participants, 39 of them lost 10% or more body fat! Clearly, Tony got it right with this one!

In a world that has us busier than ever and makes it harder and harder to get in a quality workout, P90X fans will certainly find this to be a blessing!

Want me to do you one better than just talking about the program. Would you like to see some of the test group participants and some info on what you’ll be getting into? Well I am of course here to fill your needs!

Check out this promo video and comment to let me know what you think!

P90X3 FAQ:

Q: How long are the workouts?
A: 30 minutes

Q: Including the warm-up?
A: There is a separate warm-up disk called “Cold start” which can be used as needed. It’s about 15 minutes.

Q: Do I have to do P90X and/or P90X2 first?
A: NO! This is not a graduate program and will work for all fitness levels.

Q: Was there a test group?
A: YES, there was a test group of 40 people. 39 out of the 40 lost at least 10 body fat percentage points.

Q: How many workouts are there?
A: 20! Divided into 3 “blocks” (phases)

Q: When will it be available?
A: December 10th!

Q: Can I get it through you? Are there any incentives?
A: YES! And as always, it will once again be advantageous to order through me or your Coach because you will receive a bonus workout as well as a P90X3 hat!

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